Intersection, Ninth Street Independent Film Center and Namac

Intersection Incubator started in the 70s trying to help artists with sustainability. Today it’s more formalised and is run through the incubator. 120 projects are part of the programme, which primarily consists of fundraising, business management and promoting work. Few funders give yesenia.jpgartists direct funding, for this you need to start a non-profit organisation.

But the organisational form has laws that are difficult to overview. Most of the time an individual doesn’t have a chance to keep up with changes in regulations, which makes it difficult says Yesenia Sanchez at our meeting. Intersection is the intermediary between the artist and the funder. The solution is called Fiscal Sponsorship, which in short is taking care of the money in and out, while the artist can concentrate on being an artist. The incubator has a large network of partners that the members easily can get in touch with and use for a small fee.

It can be lawyers, bookkeeping, and marketing.Related organisations could be Fractured Atlas, Springboard for the Arts, National Network of Fiscal Sponsorship (website coming), Center for Culture Innovation and Creative Capital. At Ninth Street Independent Film Center, film festivals and organisations as The National Alliance for Media Arts and Culture (Namac) are gathered in one building in central San Fransisco. The kc-price.jpgfilmer.jpgsolution was to buy the building, trying to build up the advantages of sharing resources, networking and supporting each other. The independent film sector is a large sector in San Francisco, although the field is changeing, KC Price tells us.

More and more people have their own cameras and computors, the need for spaces where this can be rented or borrowed has changed. The Do t Yourself trend has changed who is producer and customer and film makers in much larger extend work on their own. What still is a need for is meeting places.Namac is one of the organisations based in this building, a non-profit organisation with around 370 members all over USA and some in Canada with the common goal to support and work with the advocacy of independent film, video, audio and digital arts. Amanada Ault and Morgan Sully meet us in their small office. The administration is just a few people, the variety of activities that they do is amanda.jpgmorgan.jpgimpressive. Main focus is events, research, capacity building (both individual and organisational) and advocacy. Members meet mainly during the every two-year conference; on-line discussions and information is the main communication tool.

They want to, as they say, put forward ”the value of the collective intelligence of the network” and are at the moment developing a new website, which will be much more user friendly and a platform to be active from. This together with a reflective part where they do articles and studies of the field and to put forward new methods, often provocative, makes them both a practioner and service organisation.

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  1. Lotta,
    This is a great write up. It was such a pleasure to have you out here to visit. Natverkstan looks like an awesome organization and many of the other initiatives you are involved with (ENCATC, Nurope) are inspiring and refreshing models for us here in the United States.

    If ever you would like to exchange other knowledge/articles with us, we’d be happy to – perhaps a blog post or two?

    If you haven’t already, you might want to check out NAMAC’s Regional Meeting Reports:

    These give a very in depth overview of key trends effecting media arts leaders in the United States, while putting forward some strategic thinking about how we want to guide the field.

    I myself have always thought the most interesting things happen at the edge of the network(s).


  2. Morgan,
    We are very interested in exchanging knowledge and experiences. One way is the blog. We will put up text, articles, meetings on this blog, so this is one way. Another thing we thought of is that our Media Workshops become members of Namac. That would be a great way to exchange knowledge. I will definitely chek out the website!

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