Trusting the process

The Belgian group of artists called Berlin has done a beautiful portrait of the small city of Bonanza in Colorado, USA. The former prosperous gold city in the mountains is now a sleepy town of seven year-round inhabitants. Five projectors, one for each of the inhabitants, show an hour of interviews and clips from everyday life. It goes slowly from the ideal place for the soul to intrigues between each and everyone. And they have hardly ever spoken to each other.

The performance is beautifully done, with the projectors and the small model of the city. The dramaturgy is clever and the result is a portrait of the city and it’s people from different angles and with only the voices from the inhabitants. It shows the possibility of the artistic competence of trusting the process rather than the goal. To arrange the process in such a way, that when putting the pieces together you put light on something bigger, not otherwise visible. In today’s discussion of the creative cities, transformation, urban challenges and intercultural dialogue, this artistic competency is both very important in understanding society and can be used as a tool for change.

Bonanza is shown at the Göteborg Dance and Theatre Festival, running from August 15-24, one of many interesting performances all over the city. Bonanza can also be seen at Youtube.

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