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In March the EU commission installed Culture Sector Platforms, and called for an expression of interest from organisations and networks in Europe. The reply was overwhelming and in June three platforms were organised: The Rainbow Platform, Access to Culture and Potential of Creative Industries. Each of these has divided into another 3-5 working groups. The idea is to create a form for the cultural field to organise itself and together post recommendations to the commission. It’s an assignment that does take some thought and requires a cultural field that can stand together; organisations and networks have to look beyond their own interest and not as today among networks, see each other as competitors. This also requires that  diversity in the field be mirrored in the formation of the groups.

A first meeting in the group on the interface between artistic practitioners and creative industries, led by Yudhishthir Raj Isar and Simone Dudt, was on Friday (the 5th) in Brussels. An interesting meeting, where questions like the following were put forward: The question of Intellectual Property rights especially in the field of music and film, how will artists get paid for their work, how to keep diversity and not move towards unity, consumer and audience perspective, the lack of finance and social security for artists and where in creative industries do minority groups of artists like composers fit in? You also have on one hand an audiovisual sector that in itself is an industry, on the other hand composers where no industry exists.

To read more about the platforms, read this: platforms.pdf. Nätverkstan and Encatc presented some comments and thoughts on the meeting. Read them here: comments_nv.pdf.

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