New winds

Change has been the leading word for the campaign of Barack Obama, who last night (Swedish time) was elected new president of the USA. It has been interesting to follow his campaign, and in the Rolling Stone Magazine earlier this year an article described the thoughts behind his campaign organisation. Obama had at a very early stage decided to run the campaign in an untraditional way, and set it up more as a business organisation. He also wanted a strong focus on being accessible to the public and with user-friendly contact points. New media had a central role in this. On the Swedish radio this morning, a Swedish man called in and described with pride in his voice, that he had just gotten a thank-you mail from Obama. He had at an early stage become a member on one of the web-possibilities, where he could send in emails, ask questions and show his support.

The email this morning was from Obama to personally thank him for his commitment. Although the man was well aware that millions of people probably got emails like that, and could not be personally written by Barack Obama, he was very touched. It made him feel appreciated and his very small involvement in the campaign recognised by the newly elected president. Digitalisation is sometimes described as a threat to personal meetings and empathy, talking about the risk of people and organisations becoming more and more anonymous. In this case it apparently had the opposite effect.

A short text on Obamas campaign was published here in July this year.

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