Art on fabric

Los Angeles, Venice Beach, Summer 2008

P.Nosa wants to push limits of his ambition; to try something useful and new, to make functional Art. So he started using a sewing machine to draw Art on shirts and patches. “It’s the machine that makes the Art,” he says, sitting working under a parasol on the Venice Beach boardwalk. ”It made sense”, he tells us, ”to embroider an image into the fabric.” The images won’t fade or peel. You can put his mini-canvases on shirts, handbags, img_6522.JPGor hang them on the wall as a piece of Art. The drawings are imaginative characters, faces, animals, landscapes, and Abstract figures sewn on fabric. The sewing machine is powered by a solar panel or a bicycle electric generator. “I want to be able to sew anytime anywhere,” he says, showing us how it works. The fabric he uses is all second hand; an alternative and environmental friendly piece of art.

Have a look at the Artist P.Nosa and his sewing machine emroidery on his website, including instructions how to build your own bicycle electric generator.

At HUMLab in Umeå situated in Northern parts of Sweden, another embroidery project is going on. It’s a series of workshops where artists, computor programmers and people interested in embroidery can meet and discuss creative processes and things like the relation between traditional embroidery and computor programming; The Open Source Embroidery Fika.

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