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The latest week an upset and spiteful debate on where the boundaries of Art and Artistic practice should be set has been filling pages in Swedish newspapers. Origin of the discussion is a student at University College of Arts, Crafts and Design who acted like she needed psychiatric help and was put into hospital. When truth came out that she was an Art student doing an Artistic project as part of her examination work, many reacted from the hospital management, public and Cultural Minister. Didn’t she just take resources at the hospital from those who really needed help? How can this be Art? Are methods like this part of Art work and can it by the University be seen as examination work? Shouldn’t she pay the hospital for the resources she used? The debate got new wood when it was known that another student at the school had illegally sprayed graffiti and filmed it, a piece called ”Territorial Pissing”, as his Artistic work.

”Students of University College of Arts, Crafts and Design are just follow the new Cultural Policy”, journalist Stefan Jonson says in today’s Dagens Nyheter. In the report on new Swedish Cultural Policy, the Committee suggests that ”An entrepreneur can be seen as a person that is questioning established relations and perceptions”, which should mean, Stefan Jonson argues, that these two students have been doing exactly that. They refuse to stay within the boundaries of Art and let their competence spill over to other parts of society, and does this as Artists always do. Across established structures and limits. The point he is making is: This should then be in line with what the Swedish Cultural Minister would like to see more of?

The reports of the Committee of Inquiry of Cultural Policy on Swedish Cultural Policy and more articles on the topic can be found here.

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