Democracy projects

In the last post where we talked about the transformation of the warehouse in Göteborg to a cultural center, we also described the democracy project South Bank Process (Södra Älvstrandsprocessen). The process was thought to involve inhabitants in the city together with experts of different areas to come with new ideas of how the south bank of Göteborg should change. To this a  website was formed, to make information available and to facilitate participation from people in Göteborg. And for openes and transparency. The process died after the presentation of the groups and was never taken seriously in the political process.

A few days ago a note in the daily, Göteborgs-Posten, suggested that also the website had been closed down. It was not longer available for inhabitants, researchers and other interested people. A contact with the company that took over the site after the process was finished (the company formed to continue the work with changes on the south bank side), suggested that they had closed it down. So much for democracy and transparency.

Now the site, alvstaden, is opened again through the means of the internet journal Alba and Nätverkstan. In Swedish, but still. Read the former post about this and the new cultural center here.

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