Perspective on work

At the exhibition hall Tensta Konsthall outside of Stockholm, the Australian Artist Tracey Moffatt is showing her series ”First Jobs” (2008).

It’s about those first jobs you have as a youngster, on your way out in life. As peeling pineapples, scrubbing floors, washing dishes, car parking…Now she is working as an Artist, which she describes as being ”jittery holiday”. You can get up when you want in the morning. But it’s also lonely. As she says: ”You have to come up with ideas and make them happen. No-one else is going to do it for you”. On the Tensta Konsthall website you can read how she describes ”First Jobs”, but perhaps more it gives a perspective on working life of an Artist.

Here she talks about another exhibition she was part of:  ”Burning down the House: Building Feminist Art Collection” showed at Brooklyn Museum in New Your this spring.

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