Opening Dans & Teater Festival

Yesterday Göteborgs Dans & Teater Festival (dance and theater festival) opened in a grand opening at the large Opera house, GöteborgsOperan. Two dance performances were showed; Falter by Johan Inger and Your Passion is Pure You to Me by Stijn Celis. The dance continued in big hall during the break with live music, loosing up the distance between dancers and audience in a wonderful way.

Three speakers introduced; Adophe Binder, Ballet Director at the Göteborg Opera; Thomas Martinsson, Head of Cultural Committee at Municipality of Göteborg; and Gunilla Heilborn, Choreographer. All spoke about the role of a festival like this with local and international guest and with complete focus on the performing arts both for the art scene and for the city of Göteborg.

And Gunilla Heilborn, the last speaker, but her attention to what dance can express in all its quietness.

”When you have a microphone people, artists, tend to think you have to scream in it. But with an amplifier close to your mouth it’s enough to whisper.” Gunilla Heilborn said and whispered the last words. And sometimes you don’t need not speak at all. Just listen to the movement and the quietness, she said in a low voice and officially opened the festival.



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